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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a discipline and organizational function that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in individual workers. To compete in the digital age, an enterprise must have a comprehensive view of its most critical asset: its own data and everything that affects it.

Beyond an organization’s own information and knowledge assets, KM as conceived now, and this expansion arrived early on, includes relevant information assets from wherever relevant. KM, therefore, enables the organization’s ability to seek and obtain meaningful and relevant data from its environment, providing a more circumspect view of its assets.


    • Learning Insights
    • Education Management
    • E-Learning iHub Systems

What’s the eBiZ Solution?


Monitor mastery
Up-to-date information on which schools and classes are on track, and which are falling behind in mastering standards-aligned skills

Investigate issues
Daily data enabling you to implement targeted training and introduce focused resources to address emerging learning gaps on particular subjects, topics and skills

Test knowledge
Deliver end-of-course summative assessments digitally and obtain instant grades you can utilize to make informed decisions for the future


Break records, not ranks
Monitor student and subject activities realtime for quick coordination and conflict resolution with the appropriate authority immediately as they arise.

Build bridges, not cages.
Departments, subjects, instructors, classes, sections, and students are among those with the most webbed relationship in the school ecosystem. Linking them systematically allows wider freedom to access information as needed, when needed.

No Long queues, just a long list of benefits
Only get involved in planning and then experience school transactions falling rightly and automatically in place. Processing more transactions with less queues and lesser wait time starts after convenient configurations of school requirements and student eligibility.

Your response to the needs of your institution is an intuitively efficient yet comprehensive school registration system that is quick to access, easy to engage, and simple to use.

    • Student Records Management
    • Degree and Course Management
    • Curriculum Builder
    • Rooms Management
    • Course Advising
    • Transcript of Grades
    • Logs and Feedback
    • Reports Generation
    • LMS Integration
    • Payment Integration
    • Current Transactions
        • Eligibility Status
        • Course Requirements
        • Registration and Enlistment
        • Sections and Schedule
        • Fees Assessment
    • Special Transactions
        • Change of Subjects or Matriculation
        • Dropping of Subjects
        • Late Registration
        • Late Assessment
        • Leave of Absence
    • OSI Campus Management System – https://osidigital.com/

Optimize performance to enable data-driven outcomes for our customers. Our digital transformation services include the design, development and implementation of new solutions as well as the ongoing maintenance and support of existing business systems.

Reference Customers

    • Mindanao State University
    • Bataan Provincial Capitol

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