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Security Management

Security Management is a tool for information confidentiality, availability and integrity assurance. The global pandemic has created a wide array of paradigm shifts, the most popular and challenging of which is “Work From Home” or WFH. And while WDFH is a critical component of business continuity, it is quite surprising that many organizations take the security risks of extending the enterprise network beyond the company’s firewalls for granted.

An effective information security management system reduces the risk of crisis in the company. It also allows to reduce the effects of the crisis occurring outside the company. This is where IT security now encompasses “endpoint security or protection”.

The connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet-of-things devices, and other wired or wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats. Our solutions ensure coverage to the farthest edge of the enterprise network.

Solution: Cyber Security Operations

What’s the Customer Need?

    • Protecting the Organization or Agency crown Jewels: the Data, the critical Infrastructure and the Users
    • Detecting vulnerabilities and continuously remediating them to improve security posture and avoiding full fledge attacks or breaches.
    • Responding effectively to incidents

What’s the eBiZ Approach?

eBIZolution methodologies and approach to People, Process and Technology in order to address the ever-changing cyber and physical security environment of a Government Agency and/or Corporation

What’s the eBiZ Solution?

eBIZolution provides the following:

    • Consulting
    • Technology for Detecting, Analyzing and Responding to threats before they happen.
    • Change management: Transforming Processes and all the elements that enable a successful evolution of the operations
    • Education and Best practices
    • Managed Services
    • We also Build, Operate & Manage Security Systems

Reference Customers

    • Metrobank for Endpoint Management
    • Talon General Hospital for Endpoint Management

If you have questions about Data or Cyber Security, Business Resiliency, Smart Enterprise or City Solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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