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Resiliency Management

Business Resilience Management is key to business survival in the face of rapidly changing IT, cyber threats, and regulatory environments. This is more so true today, in the face of a global pandemic. Resilience, however, is not something that happens by itself in cybersecurity or any other aspect of business operations. It has to be planned and managed, and therefore Business Resilience Management (BRM) ought to be on the agenda of most organizations.

Simply put, BRM is the comprehensive and standardized management of all processes to identify and mitigate risks that threaten an organization.

These risks include disruptions to ICT continuity, cyber-attacks, consumer demands, market changes, regulatory compliance requirements, and even pandemics, as Covid-19 has demonstrated.

BRM, therefore, is aimed at ensuring that organizations have and maintain business resilience, which is the ability to adapt quickly to risks and disruptions while maintaining key business workflows and safeguarding employees, assets, and brand reputation.

Resilience is the foundation for continuity and mitigating against any form of economic disruption at a business, regional, national, or global level. However, resilience can require complex management tasks, depending on the size and nature of the business.


    • Risk Intelligence & Decision Support
    • Core Command and Control System
    • Central Action Dispatch System

What’s the Customer Need?

    • Dynamic Common Operating Picture
    • Enable decision-makers to achieve a more comprehensive and instantaneous situational awareness
    • Power to aggregate information from any internal or external data source, and manage, interpret and display this information
    • Central Command and Control System
    • Central Action Dispatch System
    • Platform for incident management

What’s the eBiZ Approach?

    • facilitates communication among all levels of management by networking headquarters and remote locations for planning, training and real-time event management
    • Integrating standard or custom data feeds, modifying dashboards, utilizing legacy or other third party software, adding camera feeds and controls, displaying sensor data, managing third party alerts and notifications and combining multiple simulations and tailoring automated report generators.
    • accurately assess the consequences of a natural or man-made disaster that commonly results in the loss or degradation of critical assets.
    • allowing users to seamlessly transition from the dynamic real-time common operating picture to a parallel simulation environment, whereby the operator can impose off-normal conditions of any operation, and identify the cascading impacts that may result from multiple system interdependencies.
    • Mobile and web-based platform for incident management
    • Manage all incidents, personnel, facilities, equipment, procedures, and communications during emergency situations
    • Easily send concerns or incident reports with enough details for coordinator/ dispatcher to process the report and send help

What’s the eBiZ Solution?

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ (DAE) is a cloud-based SaaS risk intelligence platform for monitoring global hazards to support enterprise risk management decisions and business continuity planning.

It integrates near-real-time observation data and models outputs from a variety of scientific sources with hundreds of baseline and historical data sets. For the first time ever, enterprises now have access to the same information used by the US Department of Defense to observe events as they unfold across the globe.

SmatAlert™ allows users to specify a geographic area for alerts. It then automatically detects hazards both inside and outside the area that may pose a threat – such as with tsunamis or moving threats like tropical cyclones or tornadoes.When a hazard of interest is detected in advance, and its SmartAlert™ geometry intersects with the user’s area of interest, only then is alert issued for that hazard.

SmartAlert™ also groups and aggregates multiple alerts issued by source agencies to reduce the number of duplicate alerts and the common problem of “over alerting.”


Integrate into your applications and workflows the most extensive collection of content related to natural hazards. The DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ Data as a Service offering includes access to real-time hazard reporting, hundreds of geospatial data sets from current meteorological observational data to historical incidents, a spatially queryable global demographic database, and much more.


We offer long term solutions that make communities safer. We’ve collaborated with countries throughout the world to identify threats, avoid risks, and improve the capacity to cope with numerous hazards.

Our partners learn to apply science, develop public-private partnerships, and utilize the most powerful multi-hazard decision platform, DisasterAware™, to champion good policies, and improve disaster resilience.

Emergency Management

TACCS™ bridges the gap that is created when the real world doesn’t work as planned. TACCS™ uses advanced geospatial technology to organize and present real-time information, condensing the multitude of data inflows into a single, accessible, up-to-date, user-configurable interface. Its role-based and intuitive accessibility makes collaborating easy at all levels of any organization.

Law Enforcement

TACCS™ provides an unparalleled decision-ready and fully operational solution for Law Enforcement officials. TACCS™ also allows for equal applicability to training as well as operations and offers a true ‘practice as you play and play as you practice’ environment for enhanced tempo in the close contact environment.

Cyber Security

TACCS™ does not replace existing cyber monitoring tools and the process of analysts using those tools to investigate on-going issues. Instead, these tools produce actionable intelligence, whereby TACCS™ fuses this information with physical security and operational data in the common operating picture (COP) to better enable management personnel to rapidly understand the situation on all levels.

Crisis Response

TACCS™ incorporates robust role-based access controls (RBAC) and includes an operationally proven suite of tools that facilitate the ability to: collect, process, organize, store data, share and collaborate on information and create and maintain incident action plans along with preparedness and planning operatin

Reports do not equate to actions. TACCS™ bridges the gap with patented ‘threat assessment’ technology that recognizes patterns and provides operations’ personnel with the tools to accurately assess risks, and plan and implement the most effective response.

Energy & Utilities

TACCS™ enables companies engaged in the oil & gas and power industry to create and maintain a dynamic and comprehensive picture of operational conditions. TACCS™ provides the tools to identify, understand, respond to and recover from events that threaten operational integrity and affect critical infrastructure and key resource


TACCS™ software was conceived by military line officers as a means to indicate the impact of disparate data feeds on mission readiness. TACCS™ blends static and dynamic data into a virtual operating environment for any mission, and its simulation engine constantly tests in-coming data to determine whether the mission remains viable as defined.


In addition to cataloguing assets and risks, the “what if” functionality of TACCS™, provides real time assessment of the potential impacts of man-made or natural disasters, optimizing response preparation, predicting damage, and providing constant updates using the mobile agent interface.

Supply Chain

TACCS™ ingests data from other software applications to provide an interdependent, real-time summary of the operational state of a supply chain. The modeling and simulation capabilities of TACCS™, combined with exposure data and resiliency of supply chain components, are readily integrated into a working emulation of the supply chain.


More than a simple database or first responder communication tool, TACCS™ provides a system-wide common operating picture (COP) to allow healthcare officials to optimize their response, ranging from providing medical personnel with the basis to determine the level of triage required, to managing critical resources system-wide.

Airports & Aviation

TACCS™ provides the single integrated view of operations, security, incident management, and event response required for operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience. In addition to providing real time situational awareness, TACCS™ provides an advanced simulation environment to support collaborative decision making when unforeseen events impact airport operations.

Reference Customers

    • Bureau of Fire Protection
    • LTO

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