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Governance Management

Governance Management encourages efficient use of public resources and accountability for the stewardship over those resources. One of the key components of governance management is to align the interests of individuals, the organization, and society. Governance management encompasses setting goals and objectives, determining ethical standards, establishing the intended culture, ensuring compliance, and designing and implementing the governance framework.

Pursuit of this solution is transformative! It has the potential to enhance and elevate the quality of delivery of public services, consequently elevating the experience and benefit to the end-users, the citizen constituents, themselves.


    • Smart City
    • Governance Support System
    • Barangay Action Center

What’s the Customer Need?

    • Effectively manage all LGU or Local Government Unit assets
    • Improve public services and safety
    • Enhance utility operations such as transportation and communication systems

What’s the eBiZ Approach?

Powers a wide variety of broadband and narrowband applications such as Video Surveillance, LGU WiFi and Building Connectivity. Our approach encompasses the following:

    • Situational Awareness
    • Data & Information Management
    • LGU Asset Management
    • Public Safety
    • Enhanced Public Transportation and Communication Systems

What’s the eBiZ Solution?

    • Intelligent Operations Center
    • Governance One-Stop Shop System
    • eBarangay Citizen Action Center

SOLUTION Components

      • Aksyon Sentral
      • MAAGAP
      • RFID System
      • TACCS
      • HIKVision
      • MEDUX
      • iOmniscient
          • Facial Recognition
          • License Plate Recognition
          • Body Temperature Scan

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