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Asset Management

Asset Management continues to be one of the primary concerns of organizations all over the world. Why? Assets drive businesses. Modern businesses rely heavily on physical assets to sustain effectively. Asset management process also helps businesses derive more value from an asset and achieve business goals.

While the concept of asset management has been in existence over several decades, it continues to be an ever-evolving domain. So, it is critical to keep pace with the evolution and adapt to changes on the fly. How well firms embrace change will determine which prosper in the years ahead.

Asset management is the process of planning and controlling the acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal, and disposal of organizational assets. This process improves the delivery potential of assets and minimizes the costs and risks involved. Adequate maintenance and proper deployment of systems, people, and processes ensure a positive enhancement of capital over the asset lifecycle.

The eBiZ Solution Scope

    •  Real Estate Management
    •  Enterprise Asset Management
    •  OPTO22 IOT, Asset Tagging & Tracking

What’s the Customer Need?

    •  Asset Inventory Control
    •  Asset Tracking
    •  Asset and Equipment Maintenance
    •  Improved asset utilization
    •  Increased efficiency
    •  Ensure Regulatory Compliance

What’s the eBiZ Approach?

    • Simple and Easy asset addition
    • Easy calculation of depreciation
    • Automated asset Lifecycle management
    • Unique asset Tagging & their periodic scan for accuracy
    • Asset Performance reporting, audit, and physical verification
    • Simple Financial Asset Management
    • Identification, discovery, procurement, management, monitoring, and dispose of all assets in the organization

What’s the eBiZ Solution?

How can IBM Tririga help your organization?

        • Monitor and manage occupancy to optimize space utilization
        • Organize spaces and provide workplace services to ensure occupant safety
        • Ensure readiness across your facilities by adhering to new protocols and processes

Give your employees the confidence to return to work

Key benefits:

        • AI-driven insights to ensure dynamic space planning
        • A safer environment for all your occupants that considers new protocols and processes
        • Improved efficiency and reduced operating costs
        • Easy access to enterprise-wide data for critical space decisions
        • On-time, on-budget projects

Use IoT data, WiFi and AI for space utilization at scale

Key benefits:

        • Detailed occupancy data from the floor to the organization level
        • User-friendly and intuitive dashboarding
        • Clear visibility into underutilized or overcrowded facilities
        • Consistent chargeback allocations by assigning spaces to organizations
        • Higher data quality with insights from Watson™ AI
        • Deliver the right services and spaces your occupants need
        • Seamless integration with IBM TRIRIGA IWMS

Maximo transforms how organizations manage their assets

        • Maintenance management and planning
        • Tracking and Traceability

Key Benefits:

        • Reduce downtime and costs
        • Leverage embedded industry expertise
        • Unify asset management processes
        • Extend asset lifecycles
        • Optimize maintenance work processes

What OPTO Does

With unmatched reliability, innovation, and quality as its benchmarks, Opto 22 makes it faster and easier to connect to, control, monitor, and gather business intelligence from the extended enterprise and bring it into business applications.

What is the Opto 22 difference?

        • Open standards
        • Made in the U.S.A.
        • Talk to a real person every time you call
        • Engineering and manufacturing staff that work together
        • Guaranteed for life I/O

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