Re-Designing Back-Up & Restore Capability

The Client is a national regulatory agency. While IT personnel are highly competent in many areas, their skillsets fell short in their capability to manage and operate their current Enterprise BackUp Application (EBA – Tivoli Storage Manager). This limitation is a critical skillset that adversely impacted the Client’s operations and management of the EBA. Meanwhile, systems were either being added or expanded elsewhere in the organization as demand and transactions rapidly grew. Given these parallel scenarios, there was a related need to cover all mission-critical systems as well as back-end servers.



Operational efficiency and service levels are being compromised. 

  1. There was growing incidence of frequently missed or failed backing up or archiving of vital messages.
  2. Datacenter operations were having difficulty coping with demand, as the number of Restore/Retrieve requests steadily rose.
  3. There was pressure to maximize the return on the Client’s investment in the Tivoli Storage Manager.



Focusing on both the immediate and medium-term requirements of the Client, eBiZ custom-designed a solution that combines both the suitable software license as well as a program that addressed skills and competency development and optimal operations.

  1. Provided Tivoli Storage Manager (now known as IBM Spectrum Protect) Annual Software Subscription and Support Renewal from 2017 to 2020
  2. Provided consulting services for backup and recovery strategy
  3. Deployed backup and archive agents to 120 new nodes.
  4. Configured enterprise backup application for efficiency
  5. Maximize all backup and recovery hardware peripherals to streamline operations 
  6. Provided on-site support service that include:
    1. Fine-tuning of system
    2. Addressing errors / warning messages
    3. Extracting backup and archive performance data for enhancement purposes
    4. Attend planning sessions for future enhancement
  7. Provided management reports in relation to enterprise backup application
  8. Provided classroom-based IBM Certified Training annually for the client’s IT team



  1. The EBA can now accommodate 200+ clients for backup and archive, thereby maximizing the investment
  2. Data Center Operations Department can address all restore/retrieve requests in less than one (1) hour.
  3. Efficient use of backup/archive media (Ultrium 4 and Ultrium 6)
  4. Effective Disaster and Recovery Management
  5. End-user staff are now skilled and more confident in managing and operating the EBA, thereby giving them rightful ownership of the system



Industry: Government Financial Institution

Year Awarded: 2017

Year Completed: 2019

Project Cost: PHP 16M