Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

The PDRF is a non-profit organization that brought together some of the largest private companies in the Philippines. It is an initiative that envisions disaster-preparedness as the primary strategy to address effective and efficient recovery from the economic damage and disruption caused by natural calamities, of which the Philippines gets a hefty share annually. In 2018, its aim was to be the first “national private sector Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the world”, where the EOC will “function as a 24/7 self-sufficient operations hub for disaster preparedness training and coordination of relief and recovery efforts.”

eBiZ was brought in to build and set-up an EOC for the foundation and its member companies. Beyond supplying a working system, we had to help the Client develop a CON-OPS or “concept of operations” for disaster management.


There were several challenges faced by this project, considering that it is a non-profit or NGO established by a consortium of large corporations:

  1. The Foundation and its members had no experience in disaster management
  2. As a pioneering initiative, Client had no existing CON-OPS
  3. As an initial project of its nature, there was also no ICT Systems in place


eBiZ, in cooperation with The Earthquake and Megacities Initiative (EMI)

  1. Provided ICT inputs in relation to CON-OPS
  2. Provided ICT equipment for interim EOC at Shell House Makati; provided wired and wireless network
  3. Was part of the design team for the PDRF EOC at Clark Field Pampanga
  4. Responsible for the relocation of the EOC at Shell House Makati to the Meralco Head Office, Lopez Building, Pasig City
  5. Responsible for design and implementation of structured cabling for the Clark Field EOC.
  6. Provided and implemented ICT equipment for PDRF EOC Clark Field.
  7. Participated in EOC activation at Shell House and Clark Field for the development (borging) of CONOPS
  8. Provided on-site support whenever the EOC is activated.


  1. Since April of 2018, the PDRF has had a working GIS-based EOC for the private sector, complementing whatever the government is able to provide to respond to disasters.
  2. To enable effective operations, the completion of an initial CON-OPS for emergency management based on inputs from EMI, eBiZ, and member companies of the consortium. The CON-OPS by its very purpose was an initial version as it remains a living document that requires constant review and enhancement, as experience and data enrich the operations towards increasing effectiveness and efficiency.


Client name: PDRF

Industry: NGO

Year Awarded: 2018

Year Completed: 2018