Multimedia Archiving Management System

In the media industry, whether broadcast, print, radio or digital, content is the asset that brings in the viewers, readers, listeners and users. Content and everything that enhances the user experience in engaging with content, are prime investments that creators must protect. A company in this business invests over 60% of its capital in everything content-related. Our Client, a leading broadcaster in the region, wisely acquired a Multimedia Archiving Management System, with the expectation that it can effectively address its concerns.



What was Client faced with? The original vendor of the management system failed to configure and commission the back-end archiving system.



  1. Implementation services for back-end archive system
  2. License renewal of back-end archive system
  3. For resiliency, eBiZ configured the cluster configuration of the back-end archive system 
  4. On-going on-site support services, on-call 24 x 7 since 2014



The Client now operates and creates content with more confidence.

  1. Reliable back-end archive system
  2. Highly available system
  3. Quick turnaround time to address incidents before impacting the business



Industry: Broadcast and Media

Year Awarded: 2013

Year Completed: On-going

Project Cost: PHP 2M+ annually