Upgrade to Hyper Converged Infrastructure

The Client’s IT infrastructure is in place and is generally sound. In its business, data is vital to its performance and delivery of its mandate. Its market is growing; domestically, the population and geographic reach of its services is expanding at a rapid pace. There is also pressure from abroad as globalization deepens its role and influence in diverse aspects of domestic society and the economy. With this pressure, its data Storage capacity had run out. To complicate matters, the data storage system in place was not designed to cope with the resource requirements of the Management Information System Unit. The storage situation was further aggravated by the absence of a BackUp System.


  1. Incoming data files from various cases from all over the country far exceeded available storage.
  2. Compute resources to handle incoming systems was also fast running out.



  1. eBiZ installed a scalable and robust Hyperconverged system
  2. Enterprise Storage System utilizing the latest in flash technology
  3. Enterprise-class backup and recovery system



  1. State-of-the-art Hyperconverged system with the following benefits:
    a. Simplifies future deployments
    b. Increases flexibility of the system and infrastructure
    c. Ownership costs are reduced
    d. Enables operational scalability
    e. Increased reliability
    f. Enables maximizing of all resources
    g. IT becomes future-proof
  2. The latest in storage technology with enough capacity for the next five (5) years.
    eBiZ considered historical growth data to design the capacity to handle demand over the next 5 years, allowing the Client to focus its core resources in operations and management.
  3. Enterprise-class backup and recovery system with disaster recovery management
    Again, with the sensitivity of its data, providing this solution allows the Client to operate with greater confidence and security.


Industry: Government

Year Awarded: 2018

Year Completed: 2019

Project Cost: P285M