Enterprise Backup Disk Storage Enhancement

A full range of transaction data has been surging for the Client, nearly all of which require long term storage. Being a regulator in the financial sector, the Client’s requirements are par for its sector and its mandate.


However, the Storage system in place is obsolete and therefore, suffers from two major limitations: storage capacity to cope with demands of BackUp and Recovery, and outdated hardware. Given the rapidly increasing buildup of data, the upgrade was treated with extreme urgency.



Operational efficiency and service levels are being compromised. 

  1. Due to the storage capacity constraints, daily scheduled backups were being pushed outside of the allotted window, hampering operations.
  2. Hardware experienced frequent breakdowns, rendering operations to fail on its SLAs.
  3. New hardware was needed, requiring a delicate migration.



To ensure end-end performance responds to the requirements of the SLA, eBiZ undertook a comprehensive upgrade of the BackUp and Storage infrastructure:

  1. New hardware was procured, under the same brand, to eliminate failures. The most cost-effective hardware solution was implemented to address the current requirement.
  2. Migration was critical without disrupting operations. eBiZ integrated new hardware without production outage. After successful completion, eBiZ migrated data from the old hardware to the new hardware without production outage. We completed the migration of all data (production and DR) in less than five (5) days.



  1. The solution enabled 80 simultaneous sessions for backup/archive
  2. Successfully completed 200 system backups in less than two (2) hours
  3. Successfully completed 200 system archive in less than eight (8) hours
  4. The new hardware capacity is now 10x more than previous hardware



Industry: Government Financial Institution

Year Awarded: 2018

Year Completed: 2018

Project Cost: PHP 17M