Customer Management Specialist

The Customer Management Specialist (CMS) position involves direct selling to customers and interaction with vendors and suppliers.  It involves prospecting, facilitating the customer sales process, working on bids, and coordinating with the technical team to craft the appropriate solution for the customer. Responsible for selling the appropriate solutions for the customer to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels,  profitability.

This position also involves assisting the sales force in the sell-cycle such as assisting and following up with quotes, and occasionally performing sales administration tasks to support the rest of the CM Team.

Key Responsibilities:
Crafting personalized, targeted outreach to connect with potential customers
Understanding the value of a (potentially complex) product or service and conveying that value in an articulate manner
Identifying customers who could benefit from the company’s product or service
Understanding a customer’s needs and determining if the solution can address those needs.
The CMS reports to the Director of Customer Management.

1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
2. Excellent interpersonal and social skills.
3. Proficient in MS Office and related software.
4. Strong presentation skills.
5. Adept with a variety of multimedia presentation platforms and methods.
6. Experience in Consultative & Solution Selling

1. IT Experience, a plus.
2. Graduate of Business Management or any IT related course
3. 3 or more years’ experience in IT sales