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IBM eOpenHouse Growing – Transforming – Innovating: Ready to Ride the Wave

2020 was a challenging year and many businesses were grappling with transformational challenges. Like a seasoned and agile surfer, every company should gear up this year and further infuse technology into their businesses, and be ready to ride the wave as the economic upswing kicks in.

The IBM eOpenHouse features local stories of how you can:
– Drive growth by leveraging technology to scale
Transform digitally to become a future-ready business
Innovate products and processes to capture new markets and clients

Join us on 8 April 2021 for a virtual event where you will hear from IBM and Business Partner Executives through keynotes, addresses and track sessions on how clients are leveraging technology to grow, transform and innovate and ride the wave in this new normal.

Let’s learn and help each other through this transformational journey.

Who should attend?
CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CMO, CISO, CDO, Head of Supply Chain, Head of Innovation, Head of Talent & Acquisition, VP IT/ Infrastructure, Senior IT Manager

Agenda at a glance
Join us early! Technology Showcase opens at 9:30 AM.

Technology Showcase
9:30 AM onwards
Join IBM and our ecosystem of partners at the Technology Showcase before the keynote sessions start.

10:00 AM onwards

Featured Keynotes
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Welcome Address

Jee Toon Tan
IBM Partner Ecosystem,

Overcoming the Challenges of COVID and Driving Digital
Business with a Leading API Partner

Discover how UnionBank, one of the leading digital banks in the Philippines, has solved its business and IT challenges during the pandemic with Questronix Corporation’s Qymera solution, powered by IBM API Connect. With this industry-leading solution, UnionBank of the Philippines expertly secured and managed their entire API ecosystem across multiple clouds, resulting in rapid expansion, new and innovative products and services, and increased customer satisfaction despite the pandemic.

Mike Dionisio
Questronix Corporation,

Hendy Aguda
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Chief Transformation Officer
Union Bank, Philippines

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10:30 AM
All tracks open (on-demand/live)
Select the videos/topics that are of interest to you.

11:00 AM
All tracks and Technology Showcase will remain open till 1:00 PM.

Breakout Tracks
10:30 AM onwards

Featured Transform Track:

Empowering Business with Digital Technology Innovation
Mary Jane Madelo-Bundoc, Solutions Manager for Hybrid Cloud and Integration, Questronix Corporation, Philippines

Featured Innovate Track:

Back Up as a Service – Taking Resilience and Continuity to a New Level
Arthur J. Geronimo, Chief Operating Officer, Ebizolutions Inc., Philippines

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Don’t miss our other tracks, happening simultaneously, and the technology showcase, which is open till 1:00 PM. Live chat is available at the Technology Showcase booths if you would like to engage in a quick consultancy/Q&A session with our SMEs.

Visit the IBM eOpenHouse website for the full agenda.

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The Digital Government: Smart and Safe Communities For All

Description: In today’s tumultuous times, digital transformation in government has never been more integral in providing citizen services. The need to administer “contactless” government services has now become paramount in keeping our home and work communities safe and smart.

Come have a glass of wine with us while learning about the eBiZolution Inc. & DELL commitment to the following concepts:

a) Digitizing Governance (online processing of permits, licenses, taxes and other government apps)

b) Smart Utilities (Contactless monitoring and control of our communities i.e. Traffic, Parking, Crime, Water and Electricity)

c) Natural Disaster Centers

d) Digitizing citizen health monitoring as well as vaccine tracking and inventory in our communities.

We understand your time is valuable and would like to keep these discussions light and fun. By sharing insights on the above topics, we can all contribute to the welfare of the common Filipino.

4:00 PM — A Toast To Perfection
4:15 PM — John Lockhart – Dell Technologies
4:35 PM — Nathaniel O. Marquez, MNSA – eBiZolution
5:00 PM — Aged to Perfection… Pierre Angeli Addison – WSET Certified Sommelier

We look forward to your favorable response in joining us for this unique online event.


Time: May 5, 2021 04:00 PM in Singapore

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Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description:

The Quality Assurance Engineer (QA) is responsible for identifying the strategy to ensure the quality of the solution and that it fits the requirements gathered by the Business Systems Analyst. The QA establishes metrics, creates test plans and scripts and from this also creates test documents/programs and makes sure these are validated. They suggest solutions to identified quality problems.

To be a successful candidate, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or any related field. You will also need to have at least 2-3 years’ experience as a QA Engineer and knowledge in software QA tools and processes is required.

Technical Writer

Job Description:

The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating and writing various types of user documentation, including how-to guides, manuals, references, or instructions. This candidate should have strong communication skills which enable them to explain complicated concepts in a simple manner. This individual will also meet with Team Managers, Customer Management, and Department Heads frequently in order to understand the required content.

To be successful in this role, the candidate must at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field but must have working knowledge on technical concepts and must have experience in documenting these.

Systems Engineer

Job Description:

Our company is looking for Service Engineers who will be responsible for designing and setting up a networked computing infrastructure, ensuring that the system runs smoothly and efficiently, and resolving any technical issues that may arise.

The Service Engineer’s responsibilities include working with a team of IT specialists to design, set up, and maintain a network of computers, including hardware, software, and system architecture. The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Electronics Communications Engineering and must have 2 or more years’ experience in I.T. integration projects, infrastructure, virtualization, and networking.

Data Analyst

Job Description:

A data analyst gathers and organizes information on sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, and other behaviors. They contribute technical skills to guarantee that the data is of high quality and accuracy, then analyze, create, and present it in ways that assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in making better decisions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology informatics required
  • At least 6 months experience in Data Analysis related work and familiarity data challenges;
    Experience in Data Quality; Data Warehouse Management; Data Visualization

Project Manager

Job Description:

The Project Manager (PM) leads in managing the schedules, budgets, resources, and deliverables of projects by monitoring teams to ensure goals and objectives are being kept. We are looking for someone who will be responsible for customer satisfaction within the project transition period, establish the company’s project management practice and expertise, and as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), develop and grow a project management discipline across the organization.

To be a successful candidate, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field. You will also need to have at least 3-5 years’ proven experience in I.T. Project Management with established firms. PMO experience is preferred, PMP certification, a plus.

Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation

The PDRF is a non-profit organization that brought together some of the largest private companies in the Philippines. It is an initiative that envisions disaster-preparedness as the primary strategy to address effective and efficient recovery from the economic damage and disruption caused by natural calamities, of which the Philippines gets a hefty share annually. In 2018, its aim was to be the first “national private sector Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the world”, where the EOC will “function as a 24/7 self-sufficient operations hub for disaster preparedness training and coordination of relief and recovery efforts.”

eBiZ was brought in to build and set-up an EOC for the foundation and its member companies. Beyond supplying a working system, we had to help the Client develop a CON-OPS or “concept of operations” for disaster management.



There were several challenges faced by this project, considering that it is a non-profit or NGO established by a consortium of large corporations:

  1. The Foundation and its members had no experience in disaster management
  2. As a pioneering initiative, Client had no existing CON-OPS
  3. As an initial project of its nature, there was also no ICT Systems in place


eBiZ, in cooperation with The Earthquake and Megacities Initiative (EMI)

  1. Provided ICT inputs in relation to CON-OPS
  2. Provided ICT equipment for interim EOC at Shell House Makati; provided wired and wireless network
  3. Was part of the design team for the PDRF EOC at Clark Field Pampanga
  4. Responsible for the relocation of the EOC at Shell House Makati to the Meralco Head Office, Lopez Building, Pasig City
  5. Responsible for design and implementation of structured cabling for the Clark Field EOC.
  6. Provided and implemented ICT equipment for PDRF EOC Clark Field.
  7. Participated in EOC activation at Shell House and Clark Field for the development (borging) of CONOPS
  8. Provided on-site support whenever the EOC is activated.


  1. Since April of 2018, the PDRF has had a working GIS-based EOC for the private sector, complementing whatever the government is able to provide to respond to disasters.
  2. To enable effective operations, the completion of an initial CON-OPS for emergency management based on inputs from EMI, eBiZ, and member companies of the consortium. The CON-OPS by its very purpose was an initial version as it remains a living document that requires constant review and enhancement, as experience and data enrich the operations towards increasing effectiveness and efficiency.


Client name: PDRF

Industry: NGO

Year Awarded: 2018

Year Completed: 2018

Multimedia Archiving Management System

In the media industry, whether broadcast, print, radio or digital, content is the asset that brings in the viewers, readers, listeners and users. Content and everything that enhances the user experience in engaging with content, are prime investments that creators must protect. A company in this business invests over 60% of its capital in everything content-related. Our Client, a leading broadcaster in the region, wisely acquired a Multimedia Archiving Management System, with the expectation that it can effectively address its concerns.



What was Client faced with? The original vendor of the management system failed to configure and commission the back-end archiving system.



  1. Implementation services for back-end archive system
  2. License renewal of back-end archive system
  3. For resiliency, eBiZ configured the cluster configuration of the back-end archive system 
  4. On-going on-site support services, on-call 24 x 7 since 2014



The Client now operates and creates content with more confidence.

  1. Reliable back-end archive system
  2. Highly available system
  3. Quick turnaround time to address incidents before impacting the business



Industry: Broadcast and Media

Year Awarded: 2013

Year Completed: On-going

Project Cost: PHP 2M+ annually

Land Titling Computerization

The Client is a major outsourcee for one of the key record-keeping agencies of the government. Particularly, the task is to maintain and preserve records of critical public and private assets nationwide. For such a mandate, critical performance parameters include reliability, availability, and resiliency. The Client has come to realize that its performance has started to decline, failing in all of the performance metrics they committed.


In fact, at that stage, it was determined that the Storage solution in place was failing. The client realized imminent disaster was looming as it was similarly determined that the Backup and Recovery Systems are also both unreliable, there. A further challenge was the lack of a reliable disaster recovery facility.



As an outsourced service provider, the Client is contracted to perform to a very high service level. And this placed the company in a delicate position at the time, with the following key challenges:

  1. Overall SLA with end-user client agency was not being met.
  2. The Disaster Recovery Framework or DRF is not meeting the SLA. Current functionality did not support replication between the production data and the DRF.



With the scope of the challenge, eBiZ went about a comprehensive solution broken down as follows:

  1. Replaced the existing storage with the latest IBM Storwize V7000.
  2. Migrate all data from existing storage to IBM Storwize V7000.
  3. Migrate all hosts from existing storage to IBM Storwize V7000.
  4. Reinstate current IBM Tivoli Storage Manager licenses.
  5. Provide a reliable tape library with Ultrium 6 drives.
  6. Implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to address recovery and disaster recovery management requirement.
  7. Transfer existing DRF from Globe Data Center in Cebu to Globe Data Center in Makati.
  8. Implement asynchronous storage replication between production and DRF.
  9. Configure for the system to enable end-user to conduct DR tests every quarter with system outage.
  10. Provide on-site support, 24 x 7 for the duration of the 5-year contract.



The Client is able to focus on meeting its SLAs with the following benefits of the solution:

  1. Reliable state-of-the-art mid-range storage system
  2. Reliable enterprise-class backup and recovery system
  3. Current data is now protected by storage replication and tape media
  4. Instant restore of files using Tivoli Storage Manager
  5. Backup and Recovery system can restore files since January 2015
  6. DR testing is possible every quarter; providing confidence for data reliability and system resiliency
  7. Fast turnaround time to address outages related to the delivered system



Industry: Government Service Provider

Year Awarded:  December 2014

Year Completed:  March 2015; System Support December 2019

Number of Employees: 1,500+

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