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Since its inception in 2008, eBiZolution has proven to be an industry leader in data. Our pioneering experience in industries such as finance, power and utilities, government and telecommunications, among others, allows us to work alongside our clients as true partners by providing industry-standard solutions and critical technology proficiency.



Our varied and extensive experience enables the company to develop state-of-the-art intelligence systems that work using cutting-edge technology and methodologies. The result is a comprehensive solution portfolio focusing on the core disciplines in data assurance, security, and resiliency, as well as technical expertise in custom solutions architecture & design. We have proven to be capable of creating and integrating innovative technologies into relevant business solutions for our customers.



The company has rapidly evolved and today leads the local industry in the area of Data: Data Assurance, Data Security and Data Resiliency.

Our other core disciplines are Emergency Management Systems + Command Control Centers, as well as Custom Solutions Architecture & Design.

With these, we take Business Continuity to an advanced and comprehensive level, preparing the enterprise for the expectations and demands of the digital age. We make Digital Transformation happen.



Working with some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world, our talent lies in creating solutions that integrate the best of breed, delivering tremendous competitive and operating advantages to our Customers. We are committed to enabling our Customers to focus on their core business because we believe this to be the ultimate and empowering goal of I.T.

So whether the Customer is a private financial institution, a publicly-listed manufacturing or utility company, the highest court of justice, the leader in safety and fire prevention, a conglomerate, a leading media company, an emerging provincial government or an institution tasked with managing national monetary affairs, our portfolio of empowered and enabled Customers speak for our conviction.

This is our contribution to building this Nation.



It was 2008.

It was the year that saw sharp drops in PC prices; Western companies offshoring I.T. projects to the East, including the Philippines; the iPhone arrived in Manila; Telcos launched 2G services, and this began the democratic revolution of Digital in this part of the world.

On March of that year, eBiZolution, Inc. was founded by a group of Enterprising veterans of the I.T. industry, led by Nathaniel O. Marquez, MNSA and Arthur Geronimo, CEO and COO, respectively, after many years working in some of the biggest industry leaders from the U.S. and Europe, in a variety of roles.

Our Core Values

Customer Focused


Results Oriented

Results Oriented

Innovative Team

Innovative Team

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Nation Building

Nation Building

Our Purpose

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Our Vision

Empowering Nation-Building through Innovative Zolutions.

Our Mission

Building the nation with Information Technology Solutions that enable our Customers to focus on their Core Business and excite our Shareholders

Our Core Strategies

Customer Intimacy  >  OUR VALUE DISCIPLINE

Just like a medical specialist, we invest the time and resources to understand our customers' needs and challenges, and ensure that all our internal capabilities are aligned with everything it takes to achieve the best resolution. Beyond talking to them, we put ourselves in the customers' shoes so we can feel what they feel, and see what they envision.

Customer Centricity  >  OUR DIGITAL STRATEGY

Focusing on our Customers - their needs, ambitions and challenges - is our first value. That said, we are committed to not only satisfying customers, but working towards providing each of them their competitive advantages. We will prepare Customers for the future.

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Our Ethic

We LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, COLLABORATE to provide Innovative Solutions.

If you have questions about Data or Cyber Security, Business Resiliency, Smart Enterprise or City Solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

eBiZolution Inc.

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